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    Preparing for the Driving Theory Test

    Before you can take your practical driving test, you’ll need to pass your theory test. An important part of learning how to drive is knowing the rules of the road. Once you get to your driving test, you’ll need to use what you learn for the theory test while you’re on the road.

  • The Theory Test

    Practice Makes Perfect


    Since there is a lot to learn before you actually start driving, it is important to prepare for your theory test. Being prepared helps you pass the test the first time, which gets you on the road sooner and saves you time and money from having to retake the test. Using our practice tests will help you make the most out of your preparations and give you the best chance of passing your theory test the first time.


    Here’s a look at some of the areas we can help you prepare for before you take your driving theory test.

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  • The Highway Code Test

    What to Expect

    Test Format

    The driving theory test is made up of a multiple choice section and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both to pass the driving theory test.


    The first part of the theory test is multiple choice, and it covers a wide variety of topics including:

    - Alertness

    - Attitude

    - Documents

    - Vehicle handling

    - Vulnerable road users

    - Other types of vehicles

    - Motorway rules

    - Safety and your vehicle

    - Safety margins

    - Hazard awareness

    - Rules of the road

    - Road and traffic signs

    - Incidents, accidents, and emergencies

    - Vehicle loading


    The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has data that shows only around half of the people sitting the test actually pass. The test pass rates for males is 48.2% and 51.2% for females. Taking practice tests to prepare for your driving theory test can significantly improve your chances of passing on the first try.


    Practice tests are great for preparing, but you should also become familiar with The Official Highway Code, The Official DVSA Guide to Driving, and Know Your Traffic Signs. Since the practice test questions aren’t exactly the same as what’s on the actual test, you’ll want to understand why your answers are correct or incorrect. The official publications will give you a lot of knowledge to help supplement your practice tests while you prepare for the driving theory test.


    The Official Highway Code gives you the latest rules of the road and traffic signs. The Highway Code is used by road users in England, Scotland, and Wales. As you can imagine, it is a big part of the driving theory test, so it’s important to be knowledgeable and prepared in this area. Our practice tests can help you better prepare for the Highway Code section of your driving theory test.


    Another part of the driving theory test is the Hazard Perception Test. This section of the test checks that you can recognise and respond to hazards that can happen while you are on the road. In this part of the test, you’ll view 14 film clips shown from the driver’s point of view. After viewing the clip, you’ll need to spot the developing hazard in each film. This section of the test is important since, as the driver, you’ll need to take action when you’re behind the wheel.


    Scoring on the Hazard Perception Test depends on how quickly you notice a developing hazard and make a response. The most you can score for each developing hazard is five point, and to get a top score, you need to respond to the developing hazard as soon as you start seeing it.


    The driving theory test for both cars and motorcycles contain 50 questions. Tests for driving a lorry, bus, or coach contain 100 questions. The practice driving theory tests we provide are very similar to what you will take at the actual test centre.


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    The Motorcycle Theory Test

    If you plan on driving a motorcycle instead of a car, you will take a slightly different test. We can help you prepare for both the car and motorcycle theory tests with our practice exams. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and similarities between the two theory tests.


    The hazard perception test has no separate versions for different vehicles, but the pass mark is different for some of them. However, both cars and motorcycles have a pass mark of 44 out of 75.


    Both the car and motorcycle theory tests’ multiple choice part lasts 57 minutes. The pass mark is 43 out of 50. However, the questions in the multiple choice test will depend on whether you are testing to get a car or motorcycle license. A motorcycle theory test will contain questions that do not appear on the car theory test. We can help you prepare for whichever test you decide to take with our practice theory tests.


    While many of the multiple choice questions will be the same from the car theory test to the motorbike theory test, there will be some questions that align more with motorcycle use. For example, you’ll still get asked questions on road signs, general highway code information, and more. However, more emphasis may be put on reading road signs and lane positioning for the motorcycle test, and you may get asked questions on chain tensions and situations that will be different for a motorbike than a car. There are other types of questions specific to motorcycles that you could get asked. You might get asked questions about the road surface, motorcycle stability, and riding in inclement weather.


    Taking practice tests specifically crafted for motorcycle drivers is one of the best ways to prepare for your motorcycle theory test.

    Practice the Theory Test 2016 Online

    We stated earlier that about half of the people sitting for the driving theory test do not pass. Our goal is to put you into the half that does pass by helping you be as prepared as possible by utilizing practice tests. Taking a mock test that mimics the real thing will help you see how prepared you are for the DVSA exam and show you what areas you need to brush up on.


    Passing both the multiple choice and hazard perception parts of the driving theory test are necessary to move on to your practical driving test. All test takers want to pass the test on their first attempt and start driving as soon as possible, but sometimes passing the test is not so simple. It can take preparation and dedication to feel fully ready to take the driving theory test. Not passing the first time means you’ll have to pay the test fee and take the time out of your schedule to retake the test. Using a practice test to prepare is a great way to avoid having to retake the test.


    Avoid the pressure of having to retake your test by passing it the first time using the best test resources available to prepare. There are many study materials available, including the official publications like The Official Highway Code, The Official DVSA Guide to Driving, and Know Your Traffic Signs. Our practice tests give you a great variety of up-to-date questions, and used in combination with the publications, you should have everything you need going into your driving theory test.


    By using the best study materials available, you can prepare thoroughly and go into your test with the confidence and concentration that will help you succeed. Taking practice tests helps you map your progress and gives you a chance to correct your errors before you take the real driving theory test. You can avoid making the same mistakes in the future when you prepare with practice tests. Taking a practice test allows you to check the answers to better understand why you got a question right or wrong.


    Practice tests aren’t meant for you to use to memorize the questions and answers. In fact, the DVSA stopped releasing questions exactly as they appear on the theory test. Taking a practice test will give you an idea of what the real test will look like, however. Many questions ask you to choose an explanation instead of a simple answer, so it’s important to have a complete knowledge of not just the driving rules by why the rules apply in certain situations. Seeing which questions you get wrong also helps you see where you could use more studying.


    After you’ve done more studying in the areas needed, you can retake a practice test to measure your progress and see if you have made improvements in your knowledge.


    By utilizing practice driving theory tests before taking the real one, you can save both time and money with having to retake the tests. Also, you can go into your driving theory test feeling confident and fully prepared. Having a positive frame of mind will help you stay calm and focused during the exam and gives you a better chance of passing the test the first time.



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